Fox Chapel Bulldogs​

Your puppy will come to you with AKC papers.  Please follow this link to register your puppy.  Once you do, you will receive an official copy of his/her pedigree and your puppy will now be on record with the American Kennel Club.

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals

If you own a Bulldog, or are just a Bulldog lover, then you should join The Lakeland Bulldog Club.  You are more than welcome to accompany me to a meeting.  It is a great place to meet other Bulldog owners.  In addition, the Club holds an annual Puppy Match and it is very fun and family friendly.  

American Kennel Club of America
Lakeland Bulldog Club

The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals recommends breed specific health testing, evaluates tests, and keeps documentation of test results.  In an effort to uphold the Breed Standard and produce healthy happy puppies breeders (of any breed) should health test their breeding stock and selectively breed only healthy animals.

Bulldog Club of America

Our dogs are fed Fromm, Gold.  We have tried many all natural and limited ingredient diets and found that our adults and puppies do very well on this food.  You do not have to feed your puppy Fromm, but we do recommend a premium diet with a major protein source as the first ingredient.

The Bulldog Club of America is a great place for owners to find great information.  Here at Fox Chapel Bulldogs we follow the guidelines set forth by the BCA.  On the BCA site you will find great information on the Bulldog Standard, Bulldog History, Hygiene, Show Dates, and much, much more.

If you are looking for your next puppy or an outstanding stud, Our Legacy Bulldogs has a proven history of producing happy and healthy Bulldogs.  Barbara Morgan & Karyn Simmons are experienced, knowledgable, and kind.  They are our mentors and very dear friends.  We can't thank them or recommend them enough.

Fromm Pet Food