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All of our show dogs are AKC and UKC registered.  We use multiple registries to stay active, social, and continually showing and performing.  The United Kennel Club shows we have attended have been so positive and fun, we highly recommend attending UKC events.

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The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals recommends breed specific health testing, evaluates tests, and keeps documentation of test results.  In an effort to uphold the Breed Standard and produce healthy happy puppies breeders (of any breed) should health test their breeding stock and selectively breed only healthy animals.

The Bulldog Club of America is a great source of information.  Here at Fox Chapel Bulldogs we follow the guidelines set forth by the BCA.  On the BCA site you will find information on the Bulldog Standard, Bulldog History, Health, Show Dates, Local Clubs and much, much more.  Clicking the diagram below will take you to the BCA website.

If you own a Bulldog, or are just a Bulldog lover, then you should join The Lakeland Bulldog Club.  You are more than welcome to accompany me to a meeting.  It is a great place to meet other Bulldog owners.  In addition, the Club holds an annual Puppy Match and it is very fun and family friendly.  

Lakeland Bulldog Club
Bulldog Club of America

Ethical and preservation breeders are constantly striving to better the breed.  Click on the picture below to see Bulldogs in Performance Events.  Bulldogs are much more than couch potatoes!

Here at Fox Chapel Bulldogs we promote healthy breeding practices and are recognized by Good Dog as ethical and health conscious breeders.

Your puppy will come to you with AKC registration.  Please follow this link to find breed information, order pedigrees, find fun events and information on  competition titles and shows.  

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