Fox Chapel Bulldogs​

When looking for a puppy be sure to ask lots of questions.  Also, we recommend going to the Bulldog Club of America website and following the Breeder Referral link.

Always ask:

If the puppy will be AKC papered

*If the parents are on site and if you can see them

*If they can show you the pedigree information of the Sire and Dam

*If the parents are health tested.  Do not take their word for it, ask for proof, certificates and OFA information.

*Who their vet is

*If you can see where they house their animals

*If the puppy comes with a health guarantee

*If the puppy has a tight tail or if it has had any corrective surgeries like hernia repair or cherry eye surgery.  If these repairs were done, it is no need for alarm, but it is good to know.

*If the parents have any health issues

*If they show their dogs or participate in agility, or canine good citizenship

*If the puppy is current with age appropriate shots and exams

Also, it is advised to stay away from breeders promoting "rare colors" more than likely these colors have come about by way of crossbreeding. Such breeders charge incredible amounts of money for these "rare" Bulldogs when in fact they are not purebred.  Please read the Bulldog Standard on the Bulldog Club of America website.  The non-standard colors are a disqualification and can not compete in the show ring.